World Changer Scholarship

Receive a scholarship worth up to 20% of your tuition!

34 years ago, the Spirit of the Lord spoke a Word — a promise — to Dr. Rod Parsley about Valor Christian College, and about YOU: "From this spot, you will touch the world!"

Since that time, countless men and women have experienced the application, education, and impartation available only at Valor — under the apostolic leadership and anointing of Dr. Rod Parsley.

And now, in honor of the thousands of World Changers from Valor making an impact around the globe for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Valor Christian College wants to give YOU a chance to win a World Changer Scholarship, worth up to 20% of your tuition at "The School of Revival."

How to WIN!

Just fill out the entry form below to become eligible to WIN - it takes only a few minutes!

Haven't spoken to an admissions counselor? Haven't applied to Valor? No problem! Go ahead and enter the scholarship drawing, and we'll make sure someone gets in touch with you.

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Be a World Changer

"The School of the Spirit," where students from all 50 states and over 30 nations have come to receive not only a quality education, but also an impartation of the anointing that is on the life and ministry of Pastor Rod Parsley... to be equipped to make a difference in their communities for God's kingdom.